Cheaper by the Dozen

The comedy film, Cheaper by the Dozen, is about an American couple with 12 children who relocate to the suburbs when the father gets a new job. However, they soon realise moving their extra-large brood to a new area isn’t an easy task, when their home-life and the kids’ education

Keep on Truckin’: The Yorkie Advert

The famous Keep on Truckin’ advert in 1976 launched a new chocolate bar with an advertising campaign aimed at male consumers. The manufacturer, Rowntree’s of York, caused a stir at the time with the first male-targeted campaign for confectionery. The Yorkie bar had been invented after Rowntree’s marketing executive, Eric

World War 1: Transport and Mechanics

One factor that was crucial in shaping the outcome of World War I was the transport system. As the troops were mobilised to the horrors of trench warfare on the Western Front in 1914, the problem of getting supplies to them, in the thick of the conflict, was a massive

BJ and the Bear

The American comedy series, BJ and the Bear, was a big hit when it was launched in the late 1970s. Featuring a trucker named Billie Joe “BJ” McKay, who travels the highways with his pet chimpanzee, Bear, the series trucked on for 48 episodes and the duo had many adventures

Smokey and the Bandit

Hollywood legend Burt Reynolds starred in some of the most iconic films in history, such as the 1972 thriller, Deliverance, about a group of friends menaced by hillbillies during a holiday in the remote Georgia wilderness. AF archive / Alamy Stock Photo Hailed as one of the most significant films ever made,


The famous comic action film, Convoy, about a group of truckers who have an eventful run-in with a corrupt sheriff, is celebrating its 40th anniversary this year. It’s hard to believe it’s been four decades since we first heard the legendary phrase, “Breaker one-nine, this here’s the Rubber Duck!” Directed


The science-fiction comedy film, Paul, focuses on a road trip with a difference – after an alien takes two geeky friends on the adventure of a lifetime.  As two British sci-fi fans embark on a journey to an American comic book festival, little do they know they’re about to meet

Shakin’ Stevens: You Drive Me Crazy

It’s hard to believe Welsh rock ‘n’ roller Shakin’ Stevens is celebrating 50 years in show business this year. As one of the UK’s biggest-selling artists of the 1980s, the singer-songwriter is still recording, and he completed a 33-date UK tour, The Echoes of Our Time, in 2017. Now aged

Cannonball Run

The comedy film, Cannonball Run, revolves around a crazy cross-country car race in a selection of weird and wonderful vehicles. It features an all-star cast playing the contestants, who gather in Connecticut for the start of the illegal anything-goes event. The race in the 1981 film was based on the

Cliff Richard’s Summer Holiday

With a career spanning 60 years to date, music legend Cliff Richard is one of the most enduring pop stars of his generation. Now aged 77 and celebrating his diamond jubilee in the entertainment industry, the veteran star is showing no signs of slowing down. To date, he has sold