The World’s most Expensive Motorhome

The days when a motorhome was a very basic affair, without any comforts, are long gone. Today’s modern versions really are a “home on wheels”, enabling travellers to complete long journeys and enjoy a pleasant holiday in a modern vehicle equipped with all mod cons.

However, few vehicles will be able to match the luxurious specifications of the world’s most expensive motorhome, which costs a staggering £2.3 million! Yes, you heard right! Its fittings include gold-encrusted shower taps, a cocktail bar and a roof terrace, with beds made by the same manufacturer who serves the British royal family!

The “eleMMent Palazzo” is a luxurious mansion on wheels that is fit for a king. Manufactured by the Austrian company, Marchi Mobile, it is 40 feet long and is described as having unparalleled extravagance and exclusivity. Its name is the Italian word for “palace” – and that’s pretty much what this motorhome is!

The exterior has been described as a cross between a luxury yacht, a double decker bus and a spaceship, thanks to its state-of-the-art, sleek design. The lounge is fitted with huge sofas and a cocktail bar and it has the ambience and opulence of a royal palace.

The sofas are four metres long and provide ample seating for those wishing to sample the delights of the cocktail bar, wine cabinet and drinks fridge. In the kitchen, there’s even a gold-plated oven, alongside the freezer and ice-maker. Complete with an 80-litre stainless steel refrigerator, sink, dishwasher, lift oven and cooking top, the kitchen is described as looking like something that has come straight out of a Michelin-starred restaurant.

Provided by the same company that manufactures beds for the royal family, the master bedroom houses a king-size bed. The bedroom also has a vanity area with a massive gold mirror. Trimmed with gold and featuring gold-encrusted fittings, the bathroom also boasts a luxurious rain shower. It is described as a “Wellness” bathroom.

There’s also underfloor heating, marble lights, air conditioning, a barbecue grill station and on-board WiFi. A weather-proofed full HD television and speaker system enables the occupants to relax and watch their favourite shows in style.

Perhaps most breathtaking is the “sky lounge” on top of the motorhome, offering panoramic views across the landscape. It is raised out of the body of the vehicle by a lift, creating a heated, walled-in roof garden that is ideal for relaxing after a long journey.

There’s even luxury for the driver, with a cockpit inspired by those found on jet aircraft! The central digital instrument panel makes driving a pleasurable experience, especially since the panoramic windscreen is inspired by a helicopter’s windscreen.

Passengers access and leave the impressive vehicle via retractable steps, which are lined with a red carpet to create that VIP feeling.

The Palazzo weighs in at a mighty 28 tonnes, but it has a powerful six-cylinder Volvo engine, producing 600bhp, to ensure it purrs along smoothly. The vehicle even washes itself after a hard day’s driving!

As you would expect of a vehicle of this value, it boasts high tech security in the shape of real stream video surveillance – enabling the occupants to keep an eye on what’s happening outside. It has also passed rigorous safety tests carried out by the manufacturer.

The space-age motorhome first went on sale in Dubai in 2013, priced at a cool £2 million. It was a hit among the Arab sheikhs and now sells for £2.3 million.

Marchi Mobile said the idea for the palatial motorhome was first born of an idea to combine innovation with lasting excitement. The designers believed that although people always noticed innovation, the excitement over an innovative product rarely lasted.

Following many years of development, they were confident they had “sparked a fire” in luxury mobility with the launch of the eleMMent series of mobile homes, described as a “new class” within the luxury vehicle sector.

The target market is lovers of the extraordinary, including businessmen who spend a lot of time on the road, wealthy families who enjoy travelling, or international superstars on tour.

Despite the cost of the motorhome per square foot equating to double the price of some of the top homes in London, millionaires in Dubai are flocking to buy one.

Sadly, the price tag might put this palace on wheels beyond the reach of the average motorhome owner, but there’s no harm in dreaming about all the adventures you could get up to on the move!

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