Top Motorhome Films

Motorhomes feature in many a film adding comedy, drama and suspense to a wide range of exciting tales. Here are some classic examples.

Meet the Fockers

In this comedy caper that follows on from Meet the Parents, Robert De Niro’s character introduces his over-the-top motorhome that comes complete with fancy gadgets, an on-board PA system and plexiglass windows similar to those used on submarines. De Niro describes his motorhome as a, ‘custom-designed, climate-controlled motor coach’.

The Lost World: Jurassic Park

A team of researchers is sent to study the dinosaurs at the Jurassic Park Site B island but even the motorhome they arrive in (complete with state-of-the-art gizmos and technology) isn’t enough of a force to stop a T Rex having a nibble.

Little Miss Sunshine

In this comedy flick, a family embark on a cross-country road trip in their motorhome so that their daughter can participate in a beauty pageant. The clapped-out motorhome quickly proves to be a liability, as it causes a number of setbacks along the way.

Stir Crazy

Two friends are framed for a crime they didn’t commit. Before being imprisoned on America’s west coast, they drive across the country in a motorhome that has seen better days.


The creators of Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz teamed up with Seth Rogen to make this sci-fi classic, featuring a pair of geeks on their first road trip in the USA. During their journey, they visit important UFO sighting hotspots, where they encounter an alien named Paul.

Lost in America

A husband and wife team decide to pack in their jobs and escape everyday life. With their motorhome all loaded up, they depart LA and head for horizons new -although they don’t make it very far!

The Long, Long Trailer

A newly-wed couple decides to live in a motorhome instead of a house. The film shows the different capers that take place and the chaos that ensues during this unlikely living arrangement. Released in 1954, this is probably one of the oldest motorhome films made.

We’re the Millers

In a cunning plot to ship weed from the USA to Mexico, a fake family comprising misfits and a pot dealer set out on a pretend holiday in a motorhome.

Escape to Witch Mountain

This classic flick dating back to the 1970s features two youngsters who have mysterious powers. Eager to escape the clutches of an evil millionaire who wants to exploit their unique talents, they hide away in an old motorhome owned by a moody stranger. They follow a mysterious map that sends them out on their own journey.

Independence Day

Shot in almost 50 locations and featuring Will Smith, this iconic movie depicts hordes of people trying to escape the alien warships by driving off in their motorhomes.

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