Electric Vehicle Charging in Cornwall

22kW Vehicle Charging Facility

Being in the automotive industry we are aware of our pollutant contribution to the environment. Therefore, in a bid to help offset our carbon footprint, we now offer competitively priced high speed charging for electric vehicles.


Meet PodPoint

An untethered 22kW, type 2 mennekes electric vehicle charger. Simply bring your own charging lead, which was supplied with your vehicle, and you're set!

Priced in 10 minute increments of £1, with no connection charge.

The facility is available 24 hours a day, but please call to book a slot if you require use outside of our normal business hours.


  • Connect your vehicle to the charger using your own lead.
  • Use the triangle key provided and open the box.
  • Select how much time you require from the tariff, and place the required amount in pound coins in the meter.

It would be super helpful if you could bring the correct change....please ;)

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We're on PlugShare

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