Create the Perfect Garden

Spring is the perfect time to start redesigning your garden in preparation for the summer. It’s important to start planning your vision early so that when the warm weather arrives, you’ll be able to sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labour. While we all have different ideas on

Country Roads: John Denver

John Denver was one of the most popular singers of the 1970s. He recorded around 300 songs and sold more than 33 million records during his long and colourful career, which spanned three decades. Thanks to his wholesome “country boy” image, the acoustic artist was beloved by his fans. In

Prince Harry and Meghan: The Move

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, are planning to move house before the birth of their first child. The couple, who married in May 2018 at Windsor Castle in Berkshire, are expecting the baby in the spring. Although an official press release in October 2018

Stig of the Dump

Children’s novel, Stig of the Dump, is a modern classic that’s often read as part of the English literature curriculum. Written by the late Clive King, it relates the tale of a bored schoolboy, Barney, who meets a caveman called Stig living in an unofficial rubbish dump in a chalk

Willie Nelson: On the Road Again

Country singer Willie Nelson is one of the most famous artists in the genre, mainly thanks to the success of his two ground-breaking albums, Shotgun Willie in 1973 and Red Headed Stranger in 1975. He helped launch the new subgenre known as “outlaw country” in the late 1960s to combat

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree

Fir trees have been a festive tradition for thousands of years, since the Ancient Romans first used them to decorate their temples during Saturnalia – the pagan winter solstice festival. The evergreen tree was said to symbolise new life. With the onset of Christianity, the fir tree took on new

Coca-Cola: Holidays are Coming!

For many people, it’s not Christmas until they’ve seen Coca-Cola’s famous advert, Holidays are Coming! Lots of people look forward to the new Christmas ads every year. In fact, a study by the Advertising Association claims 33% of people get more excited about the release of a new festive advert

Cheaper by the Dozen

The comedy film, Cheaper by the Dozen, is about an American couple with 12 children who relocate to the suburbs when the father gets a new job. However, they soon realise moving their extra-large brood to a new area isn’t an easy task, when their home-life and the kids’ education

Keep on Truckin’: The Yorkie Advert

The famous Keep on Truckin’ advert in 1976 launched a new chocolate bar with an advertising campaign aimed at male consumers. The manufacturer, Rowntree’s of York, caused a stir at the time with the first male-targeted campaign for confectionery. The Yorkie bar had been invented after Rowntree’s marketing executive, Eric

World War 1: Transport and Mechanics

One factor that was crucial in shaping the outcome of World War I was the transport system. As the troops were mobilised to the horrors of trench warfare on the Western Front in 1914, the problem of getting supplies to them, in the thick of the conflict, was a massive